Challenges facing the European PCB Industry

Challenges Facing the European PCB Industry 

The printed circuit board (PCB) is the building block for electronics systems providing primarily electrical connection and physical structure to electronic systems and additionally optical interconnect and thermal management.

The PCB is ubiquitous and an integral part of nearly all electronic products.

The world market for PCBs in 2022 was estimated at US$ 82.4Bn 1

PCB production has been steadily migrating from Europe (and North America) to Asia in recent years. In the year 2000 Europe’s domestic PCB production was $5.4 Billion representing 16% of the total market of $33.1 Billion. By 2022 this production had decreased to €1.8 Billion representing 2.3% of the total market of $82.4 Billion 2. At the same time the number of European PCB manufacturers decreased from 555 to under 200.

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