Elmatica delivers the best financial result in 50 years

2020 was the tenth consecutive year of financial records for Elmatica, announcing the best annual financial results in the year of their 50th anniversary.

Elmatica delivered its best financial result ever in 2020, revenue increased by 7,5% based on organic growth only, while the EBITDA increased by 16,25%.

“I am humble and extremely proud to present such results achieved in a year filled with unpredictability and challenges, of course it’s extra special to present it the year of our 50th anniversary. The growth of 2020 was something I never would have anticipated”, says CEO Didrik Bech.

Important with a global partner base

Elmatica has secured the PCB supply chain for industry leaders since 1971. Focusing on delivering predictability and security for PCB production, design and the supply chain. Even though the financial results are strong, Elmatica has felt the impact of COVID and experienced how the pandemic has challenged the manufacturing capacity to its limits and stressed the importance of having a solid and flexible global manufacturing base in Asia, Europe and USA.

“One of our advantages, in addition to our diverse portfolio, experience and reliable partners, is our agile and easy scalable business set-up with a decade-long focus on digitalization. This focus allowed Elmatica to be prepared for the COVID pandemic. It gave us the ability to assist our customers in prioritizing orders, provide quick overviews of the order situation and offer dual manufacturers for critical orders. Ensuring independent manufacturing operations that can be operated from a distance, is the best way to prepare”, says Bech.

COVID restrictions no hindrance

COVID restrictions with remote work space was no hindrance, as flexibility in workspace has been implemented since 2012.

“As we already had the routines and home office set-up implemented many years ago, it allowed us flexibility in the workplace. We experienced no “down time” and could perform business as usual. The only difference was an increased focus on internal communication, activities and new digital “meeting points”, says Bech.

Business opportunities and expansions
For business opportunities and industry demand, COVID has impacted the entire PCB supply chain. However some industries have been more affected than others.

“We saw a significant increase in demand, up to 30%, on orders related to the Medical industry last year, this increase has started to stabilize. The automotive industry has faced a serious decrease, whilst the defence industry is ramping up”, says Bech.

Elmatica expanded with 6 new colleagues last year, which represents a 15% growth in our colleague base, while maintaining a unique company culture during challenging times. The outlook for 2021 is much more promising than 2020, with a present 68% increase in order booking.

“The current raw material availability, lead time situation and production capacity is causing disruptions in the supply chain on a global level, despite this, and with our stable portfolio, we aim for a 15-30% increase in revenue in 2021”, says Bech.

For questions, Guro Krossen, guro.krossen@elmatica.com