Elmatica welcome Senior Advisor from UK manufacturing

Elmatica proudly announces the hiring of Craig Haywood as Senior Technical Advisor to their Technical Department.

“Welcoming Craig to the company is a true pleasure as we have known him for many years, working for one of our Manufacturing Partners, Amphenol Invotec since 2006. His long experience in PCB production, stack-up and reviewing and improving customer data, demonstrates that he is the person we were looking for,” says Jørgen Bakke, Chief Technical Officer Elmatica.

An increasing demand of challenging PCB design

“We have personally experienced what a highly motivated team player he is, and the level of expertise and advice he offers to demanding customers”, says Bakke.

Haywood will start working for the Printed Circuit Broker on March 1st and continue to reside in the UK. An increasing demand of challenging PCB design, requirements and advanced technical solutions has reinforced the need for another Senior Technical Advisor.

“I’ve worked as a partner to Elmatica for a long time, I know how professional and efficient they are with a proven track record and experience in relation to PCB technology and innovation. After seeing the job advertisement for this position, combined with my knowledge of how they operate and focus, I quickly knew that this was something interesting and a natural next challenge for me. As I already know the company well as an existing partner, this will further strengthen that relationship. I am looking forward to embracing the Elmatica culture and putting my Birmingham twist on it” says Haywood.

New hire further strengthens our expertise on ESA production

Elmatica has over the last years delivered PCBs for several interesting and innovating ESA approved Space projects, together with the ESA approved manufacturer Amphenol Invotec.

“Craigs thorough knowledge of ESA standards, ESA demands and MRR documentation will further strengthen our expertise on ESA production, and be beneficial to our customers within this interesting and high-demanding industry, as well as further strengthen our relationship with our ESA manufacturer,” says Bakke.