Elmaticas Jan Pedersen honored with the prestigious Dieter Bergman Fellowships Award

“I am deeply honored to be chosen for this prestigious award, and happy to bestow two excellent students at a University close to my heart, with the Dieter Bergman Scholarship”, says Elmaticas Jan Pedersen.

IPC announced this year’s winners of the Dieter Bergman Award at the digital IPC Apex Expo Awards session yesterday, US time. Jan Pedersen was awarded for his work with several groundbreaking PCB standards.

“Jan led the development of the first ever IPC document dedicated to automotive electronics, the 6012 DA in 2016. He led the revision of the document in December 2018. He also led the development of the first ever document for medical device electronics, the IPC 6012EM released August 2020. He is currently leading a corresponding IPC 6013EM effort for flexible and rigid-flexible printed boards in medical device electronics. Astonishingly Jan has acted on a total of 30 IPC committees”, said IPC CEO John MItchell during the digital Award transmission.

Introducing IPC to the medical field and instructing the next generation
“Thank you Jan, not only for introducing IPC to the many areas of the medical field that need our help, but for instructing the next generation on the importance of standards when creating new electronics that can help better people’s lives”, Mitchell finished.

Fame, glory and scholarship
In addition to fame and glory, recipients of the Dieter Bergman IPC Fellowship Award, are eligible to bestow the Dieter Bergman Memorial Scholarship upon a university or college of their choice.

“I have chosen two students working on a Medical project at the University of South Eastern Norway. Three reasons for choosing this project: it is medical, it needs miniaturization and I have a close relationship to the electronics industry in this area, The Electronic Coast. We use the University’s premises when we meet, discussing PCBs in harsh environments and IPC standards”, said Jan Pedersen.

Elmatica double the scholarship

The project is called “Arm neuroprosthesis equipped with artificial skin and sensorial feedback” – ARMIN, and the two students are Saad Rabbani and Samarbir Singh.
Saad and Samarbir are both masters in micro- and nano systems technology, working on their master’s thesis related to the ARMIN project .

Both the students are working on research that are very central to this project.

Since the scholarship is given to two students, Elmatica has decided to double it to 2000 USD.

“Inspired by IPC we plan to take this opportunity and make the scholarship into a yearly Elmatica event”, Pedersen finishes.

Boosted interest in the field of electronics and Microfabrication

The Scholarship was received with honor and enthusiasm by the two students when Jan Pedersen broke the news during an already planned status meeting of the project.

“Thank you for giving me such a good surprise, I felt really honored when I came to know about receiving this scholarship. This award boosted my interest in the field of electronics and Microfabrication and I will put my efforts more heartedly. Lastly, I would like to thank Jan for awarding me with this scholarship and my supervisors who nominated me for this award, they backed me during all my ups and downs, and encouraged me not to give up”, said Saad Rabbani.

“I feel very excited and blessed at the same moment to have an opportunity to receive the honor of winning this scholarship. I cannot find the words in which I could express how I exactly feel. This thing came to me as a complete surprise which left me speechless. All in all, this means a lot to me and I would like to thank Jan who considered me capable enough of having this. And special thanks to my supervisor Lars Cyril Blystad and Kristin Imenes who has always been there to support me”, said Samarbir Singh.

A recognition of the educational system and research at USN

The Instuítue for Microsystems at the University of South-Eastern Norway(USN) received the news with enthusiasm and honor.

“We are incredibly grateful that Jan has chosen to grant two of our master students within micro- and nanotechnology with this scholarship. Saad Rabbani and Samarbin Singh are completing their master thesis in collaboration with the research project ARMIN, with the set goal to develop an individual tailored arm neuroprosthesis, where miniaturisation is crucial. We see this allocation as a recognition of our educational system and research, and we congratulate Jan with The Dieter Bergman Award, says Kristin Imenes at USN.