Elsyca Introduces New Simulation Tools for PCB Copper Balancing

Copper plating is a very complex process that is impacted by the PCB design itself, by the panel layout and by the production configuration. The ever-increasing complexity of the design and request to deliver in shorter amounts of time are even pushing experts to – and over – their limits.
In order to support the different players in this process, Elsyca has developed a new product suite for the PCB industry. One of the products, Elsyca PCBBalance doesn’t only provide detailed information on the layer thickness distribution, but also optimizes PCB designs/panels for manufacturing through intelligent copper balancing.
In regard to copper balancing and its importance, Rick Hartley, Principal Engineer of RHartley Enterprises commented, “Copper balancing should be done, not only at the panel level in PCB FAB, but every PCB designer should be taught the many benefits of copper balancing and incorporate the concepts into their board designs.”
Elsyca PCBBalance allows users to master quality by providing detailed feedback on the layer thickness distribution and on top of that, also by generating the most performant copper balancing with a single mouse click. The most critical areas on the panel will be identified, focusing testing resources on where they are most needed.

Key features include:
• Identify layer thickness distribution over boards and panels
• Automated and optimized copper balancing
• Identify the most critical holes for post-production quality testing
• Compare different PCB design and panel layouts side by side
• Download copper balancing results

To learn more about Production-proofing PCB copper plating, download a copy of the white paper or find out in one of the webinars how simple it works.

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