Elsyca offers free white paper on how Plating Simulation Raises Yield and Profitability!

Problems with non-uniformity in PCB copper pattern plating are typically described as “the FAB problem”.

But imagine how much time and money one could save when each player in the process (Design -> CAM -> Production) would be able to identify potential problems at an early stage.

What if the PCB pre-production engineer could upfront identify problem areas for the pattern plating and apply auto-intelligent copper balancing, as part of the CAM process to provide a right-first-time panel layout for production?

And what if the process engineer has a software that accurately predicts the impact of plating parameters on the layer thickness distribution to increase first pass yields on new PCB parts?

Download Elsyca’s new white paper to learn more about production-proofing PCB copper plating.

To download this paper, click here.