Eltos invests in its PCB production

In recent weeks, Eltos, which is based in Arezzo, has continued to modernize and expand its machinery. The Turin-based machine manufacturer Pluritec supplied three machines for Eltos modern PCB production. Specifically, a second X-ray drill Inspecta Combo HP is suitable for exterior and internal layers that allows micro drilling and precise milling with or without local X-ray target detection and coordinate measurement. Also from Pluritec an X-Vision for X-ray inspection of multilayers and a milling machine Duo suitable for deep milling with  high-precision Z-axis control and optical alignment.

A high-performance cut sheet laminator SMARTLAM 5200 from Dynachem for inner layer production rounds off the current investments and expands the technical possibilities of Elto’s very thin 25 micron inner layers without any problems.

“These investments in this challenging year strengthen Eltos technical ability to continue to reliably supply our customers with high-end printed circuit boards in the future,” said Riccardo Pinamonti CEO of Eltos S.p.A. “and in October we will continue to invest with a new Direct Imaging Printer for the solder mask.”

With around 100 employees in the High-Mix Low-Volumes segment and QTA Express Services, ELTOS S.p.A. produces professional printed circuit boards used in various areas, including medical technology printed circuit boards for ventilators, telecommunications, automation, safety, automotive, airspace, military and relevant European research institutions, especially CERN in Geneva and the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Italy. ELTOS was founded in 1980 in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy.