EIPC Winter Conference Frankfurt, Feb 10, 2022

Call for Papers We invite you to submit a paper for one of the following topics:

Business Outlook: Global Electronics Industry-Business update and trends for 5G, Antenna and filter applications and High Rel application

-Automotive, E-mobility, IoT, Medical Industrial Electronics, Aerospace, Avionics-G5

-Supply Chain Management: Risk management-Industry 4.0 European industry update

Roadmapping for 2021 and beyond

-Roadmap by market segments

-Technology Guidance through market needs

-Adapting processes, materials, chemistry, equipment to future technology needs

-Strategic Partnership and Planning for success through Networking

New Technologies: Success through Evolution- or Disruptive Technologies?

-Process technology development mSAP, SAP and full Additive Process

-Photonics: optical solutions in component and board level

-Packaging technologies

-Embedded technology: Passives, Actives, RFID tags

-Nanotechnology and Printed electronics: 3D Electronics/conductive pattern/dielectric layers

-Material Technology- Laminate technologies – Coating technologies

-Ni free surface finishes

-New technology, Innovations and Invention

Equipment and process evolution to meet Technology challenges
-Euipment and process capabilities supporting controlled conductor design features for high frequen­cies and improving process variation

-Thermal management technology

-Industry 4.0, Automation and AI in PCB manufacturing

-Imaging and Printing technology-Laser, Mechanical drilling

-Embedding components and Metal Core PCBs

Materials, Reliability and Traceability requirements by Application

-Cost effective embedded RFID tags

-Responsibility and Standards for Product Reliability and Safety

-In-house process control and conformation Testing

-Material and finished product Safety and Testing

-Advanced supply chain and Third party Testing

-Measurement methodology

Environmental responsibility

-Sustainability development- Circular economy solutions through the whole supply chain/carbon footprint

-Green manufacturing


  • 1 page Abstract: November 30 2021
  • Paper submission: January 17, 2020

Send your 1 page abstract to Kirsten Smit-Westenberg at kwestenberg@eipc.org

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