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Option 1:
The fee to become a co-exhibitor is € 1,950.-. Each co-exhibitor has to be registered at Messe München. For this registration, Messe Munich charges an additional fee of € 250.-. Total fixed costs: € 1,950.- + € 250.- + € 695.- = € 2895.-

Co-exhibitor stand of 12 sqm with open connection to the EIPC stand. The stand will have the Co-exhibitors’ own company identity.

Option 2:
The fee for a customized co-exhibitor stand of 12 sqm will be € 5250.-. This fee includes the additional co-exhibitor registration fee charged by Messe Munich of € 250.- as well as the obligatory exhibitor catalogue fee of € 695.-. If you require a larger stand size, please contact the EIPC for further information and prices.

For more information please contact the EIPC office:

EIPC Event Registration