EIPC Technical Snapshot Webinar – December 16, 2020

We will be organising three webinars which will be of particular interest to those involved with automotive, telecom and high-speed technology. We will have three well-known PCB industry speakers, each of whom has their own view on the technology challenges facing this industry.

These webinars will be held on:

Wednesday October 14th,

Wednesday November 18th and

Wednesday December 16th.

Each webinar will last for 45 minutes with each speaker taking 15 minutes for their presentations and then the webinar will be open for questions and comments from the participants.

Start webinar December 16th: 15.00 hrs

The presenters on this day will be confirmed asap.

Register online or send an email to kwestenberg@eipc.org

  • Price

    • MEMBERS (regular): FREE OF CHARGE
    • NON-MEMBERS (regular): € 50,-