EIPC Technical Snapshot Webinar – Sep 22, 2021

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Open to invitation, and needing no interpretation, is another well-known event, which is where notes are taken and not played.  It is a an EIPC Webinar to be held on

22nd September 2021 at 1500 hours CEST

There will be three speakers:  the first is Emma Hudson Technical Consultancy, whose paper is entitled UL Solder Limit Changes – Time to get prepared

Abstract: In the last twelve months new editions of UL 796 (PCBs), UL 746E (laminates and coatings), UL 796F (flexible PCBs), and UL 746F (flexible materials) have been published that include standardised solder limits.  Emma will look at what they are and what changes the industry can expect to see because of them.  She will also provide guidance on what both material and PCB manufacturers should do to prepare for this imminent change to the UL Recognition and how the PCBs will be inspected at the OEM/EMS facilities.

Then follows Marko Pudas, from Picosun Oy, in Finland who will discuss Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) for PCB(A) – from solder mask to corrosion barrier

Abstract: In medical side, there’s high interest in new applications utilizing PCB(A)’s, aside of existing applications like pacemakers. Protecting the PCB and the human body from each other, various PCBs with novel ALD coatings directly over the PCBs are already in pre-clinical and clinical trials and expected to enter market over the next 1-2 years. This leads to needs from novel PCB and PCBA materials being introduced to counteract complications like gassing. PCB solder masks are typically manufactured with polymer by different printing or lithography methods. In order to achieve even gaseous corrosion protection for Cu-traces, solder mask needs to have thickness which is already causing challenges for cleaning and underfill of high pitch BGA/flip-chips. Yet further degassing of various organic materials of PCB(A), especially solder mask, are the among the most limiting factor for use environments like medical and space. Picosun has been developing ALD metal oxide coatings with ESA for mitigation of mentioned challenges for space applications, with further applications such as medical. The presentation will discuss recent achievement and lessons learned.

From Elmatica in Norway comes Jan Pedersen, UHDI (Ultra High-Density Interconnections), a new area in the PCB industry.
The new PCB requirements in the high-density designs which require the development of related standards, from design to PCBA. He will show how capabilities in the component industry merge into the PCB field.

There will be a Q&A session after the last speaker.  For EIPC members the seminar is free of charge; for non-members the fee will be € 50,-

Please contact us to reserve your place or register online. Being socially distanced is for others to worry about; our performers and their audience will all be respectably apart.