Workshop PCB Bio Mems

The day before the EIPC Summer Conference in Leoben, the EIPC and the University of Bath will organize again a 4 hour workshop on PCB Bio MEMs. Bio-MEMS ( is an abbreviation for biomedical (or biological) microelectromechanical systems (aka Lab-on-a-Chip). Given this strong market “pull” for more BioMEM devices (USD 2.5 billion in 2014 and anticipated to grow at CAGR of over 25% from 2016 to 2023), the commercialization of Lab-on-Chip devices is currently the “holy grail of the research community. The Lab-on-PCB approach (aka PCB BioMEMs) is being followed in various research groups all over Europe, owing to its inherent upscaling potential: the PCB industry is
well-established all around the world, with standardized fabrication facilities and processes, however commercially exploited currently only for electronics.

Key learning objectives of the workshop:
– What is Lab-on-Chip technology, its potential and its commercialization challenges
– PCB based BioMEMs prototypes already developed by European academics
– Competitive advantages of Lab-on-PCB technology and market opportunities
– Technical issues in PCB BioMEMs fabrication

Workshop Programme

16.00 h. Registration

16:15 h. Welcome & Introduction by Moderator

Dr. Despina Moschou, University of Bath, UK

16:30 h. Recent advances and current challenges in Lab-on-PCB


Dr. Despina Moschou, University of Bath, UK

17:10 h. On-chip energy generation via PCB-based fuel cell devices

Dr. Andres Parra Puerto, Imperial College London, UK

17:50 h. Coffee break

18:00 h. Towards an industrial approach to the manufacturing of


Prof. J. M. Quero, BioDevices technologies S.L.

18:40 h. A Lab-on-PCB performing bacterial DNA amplification and

detection on graphene oxide biosensors Dr. Georgia Kaprou, NCSR Demokritos

19:20 h. Panel discussion

19:40 h. Moderator Closing Remarks

19:50 h. End of workshop

Language: English!

Registration is open to the PCB industry and at a reduced fee to EIPC and FED members.

For more info please contact Kirsten Smit-Westenberg at


  • Price

    • MEMBERS (early): € 600
    • MEMBERS (regular): € 725
    • NON-MEMBERS (early): €780
    • NON-MEMBERS (regular): € 900