ILFA GmbH, Hannover Germany manufactures circuit boards for medical ventilators

In recent months, many German companies have shown their willingness to help. Electronics companies – such as the Hannover-based PCB manufacturer ILFA – are indispensable here, especially for the production of medical devices.
For example, the company has received a rush order from a German company. Thousands of FlexRigid circuit boards are to be produced, which will later accommodate oxygen sensors and thus form an important component for emergency respirators.

“The customer chose ILFA because the order is given top priority and can be delivered within a very short time. For the ILFA employees here it is clear that this order can save lives. In this acute crisis, ensuring medical care is the top priority. This, as well as all other medical orders, is therefore currently a priority for ILFA,” says Christian Georg Behrendt, managing partner at ILFA GmbH.
The demand for the company’s medical products would also increase in general. “Not everything can be imported cheaply from abroad. It is becoming clear right now that critical economic structures and structures in Europe (where Russia is a part of) must be protected. The production for and of medical devices is only one example”, Mr Behrendt continues. The company will invest and further expand the production location in Germany.
At present, however, the health of the 160 employees in Hanover is the main concern. “We have adapted the 3-shift system, ‘customer visits’ are carried out digitally. We also do everything else to ensure the health of our employees. At the same time, we naturally want to make our contribution. It’s a difficult balancing act, but the team here at ILFA is motivated,” Mr Behrendt continues.