The EIPC, The European Institute for the PCB Community, is an expanding international service provider to the European Interconnection and Packaging Industry. The EIPC is servicing 120 member companies since 1968, including suppliers of machinery, materials and software tools to the PCB industry,  along with PCB Manufacturers, and OEMs. Business owners, senior management and key technical staff find the EIPC provides an efficient platform for following and pursuing new developments in the industry.

The membership benefits are listed on our “About us” page.

The membership fees are calculated based on the company’s annual sales according to the following table:

Category 1 – 600 EUR: sales < 2 million EUR
Category 2 – 1200 EUR: sales 2-5 million EUR
Category 3 – 1800 EUR: sales 5-10 million EUR
Category 4 – 2400 EUR: sales 10-20 million EUR
Category 5 – 2750 EUR: sales > 20 million EUR

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