Letter of Urgency to the PCB industry


The EIPC have received overwhelming support for our Letter of Urgency calling for assistance to the European PCB industry. We believe that to maintain viability our European PCB industry requires support in both capacity and capability otherwise we risk falling beneath critical mass and failing to take advantage of opportunities arising from new technologies utilising complex high density interconnection systems. The list of respondents is attached.

EIPC now invite the members of the European PCB industry to assist them by forwarding the signed letter to local, regional and national politicians with the following calls to action:

  1. The EIPC are calling for explicit assistance to the European PCB industry, including but not limited to direct financial aid, access to internationally competitive energy pricing, facilitating bank guarantees in support of capital expenditure, favourable loans, and tax breaks.
  2. The EIPC wants to raise awareness of the vital role played by PCBs in supplying the European defence and aerospace sectors. We request that preference be given to local procurement of PCBs to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), especially in high-end and high reliability applications and emphasise that PCB functionality and reliability requires close interaction between designer and manufacturer.
  3. The EIPC are calling for the EU to remove punitive tariffs on imported raw material that disadvantage domestic production and encourage the importation of higher value PCBs from outside of the EU.
  4. The EIPC are calling for the establishment of a holistic roadmap with associated R&D funds for improved capability and capacity, focussing on the European electronics manufacturing ecosystem. This includes opportunities for strengthening high-end technologies required to support the requirements of new technologies utilising complex high density interconnection systems.”

Please get in touch with the EIPC if you want to get more involved or need more details.

EIPC Letter of Urgency July 2024 with Signatories