New Appointment Strengthens Ventec’s Value-Added Equipment Division

Ventec announces the appointment of Leigh Allinson as Commercial Director for its value-added PCB Equipment division ‘Ventec Giga Solutions’. Whilst continuing in his role Technical Sales Director for Ventec’s core range of PCB laminates and prepregs, Leigh assumes his additional function to develop the business unit on a commercial level with new and existing customers as well opening opportunities in new industries and geographies.

Leigh joined Ventec in February 2020 as Technical Sales Manager, with responsibility for technical support and business development activities in the UK. In January 2023 he was promoted to Technical Sales Director. With over 30 years’ technical and sales experience within the printed circuit board industry and supply chain, Leigh has played a key role in driving forward Ventec’s unique laminate & prepreg capability including signal integrity/high-speed digital, RF/Analog & high-performance IMS material technology, and an advanced range of thermal management solutions designed for specialized use in industries including automotive, communication, aerospace, and defense.

‘Ventec Giga Solutions’ provides comprehensive one-stop shop solutions to PCB and related industry customers globally, including factory design, equipment selection, sales, installation, and commissioning. The extensive equipment and consumables offering from Ventec Giga Solutions partners includes inkjet solutions (Hi-Print), laminator & laser application equipment (Leetech), vacuum filling & screen printing (Sunus), optical layup systems (Surge Robotic), cleaning machines & adhesive products (Yeitek), specialist lamination plates and pads (Cardel) and abrasives & non-woven products (Falkenrich).

Leigh joins Business Unit Director Ramesh Dhokia who will continue to lead the business unit, strategically managing the supplier side and bringing his deep technical knowledge to the development and growth of the equipment division.

“Leigh’s experience and intricate knowledge of the PCB manufacturing process and Ventec’s range of high-reliability materials brings a great strength to the equipment division. I am delighted to welcome him to the Ventec Giga Solutions Team to help drive the division forward. His input from a commercial perspective will be hugely significant as we plan the next phase of the business unit’s growth and expansion”, said Ramesh Dhokia.

The expansion of the Ventec Giga Solutions team is another indication of the commitment Ventec has to strengthening the value-added equipment business significantly over the coming years.

Further information about Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide variety of products is available at www.venteclaminates.com.