New partnership with Italian distributor Dallco SAS

Just in the middle of this challenging year 2020 the AUTOMATION SYSTEMS AND SERVICE LUIPPOLD E.K. starts a prosperous cooperation in the Italian Market with Dallco SAS, based in Verona / Italy. For more than 30 years well known as a trusted distributor for the PCB industry. „Dallco SAS stands for technologies that really matches the latest demands and of course for continuous and reliable service.“, Frank Tinnefeld said, head of sales and marketing at Luippold e.K..

AUTOMATION SYSTEMS AND SERVICE LUIPPOLD E.K. offers a wide range of loading and unloading automation systems, multilayer flash cutting & edge bevelling machines, automation systems for DI/AOI processes, registration systems for DI processes, material storage systems, integrated AGV (automatic guided vehicle )-technologies.

A professional project team provides the planning and realization of complete process line solutions as well as flexible solutions for individual challenges, always focused on your productivity and your quality.

Included in Luippold’s produduct portfolio being represented now by Dallco SAS is also the soldermask inkjet technology produced by Notion Systems in Germany, with outrages advantages which will revolutionize the solder mask process in the PCB industry from now on.

Enormous cost saving potentials by eliminating expensive traditional coating, exposure, development and drying processes are just some key features.
Completely new technology possibilities through unique digital printing strategies are available already today with this technology.

„ German efficiency, proofed quality and passion for what they are doing. We looking forward to a long and successful partnership with AUTOMATION SYSTEMS AND SERVICE LUIPPOLD E.K. “, said Managing Director Gaetano Dall Ora.
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Frank Tinnefeld
Director Sales & Marketing
+49 7236 9338023

Dallco sas
Gaetano Dall Ora
Managing Director
+39 045 6800560