Michael Gasch died on 24th May, 2024, at the age of 78 after a short illness

Dr. Nakahara comments:- “I met Michael Gasch soon after he started to work with Schweizer Electronics AG, in the early 1990’s. Through years of meetings, we became close friends. Later, my wife and his wife also became close friends. Michael visited us here in New York only once, but we visited his home many times. When I visited him alone, he would put me up at his guest room upstairs. We would talk about our beloved PCB business and our life experience until the wee hours. We also shared many PCB related data.

After a few meetings with him, we found out that both of us got married on the same day, November 7. This became a common thread for us and made our relationship tighter. He and his wife were fond of making preserved vegetables and fruits. The ingredients were raised in their garden. Whenever, I visited them, I brought a dozen empty glass jars and in exchange, I was given a delicious home-made jar of fruit preservative or two.

For many years, he contributed European PCB statistics to the IPC publication, with Prismark and me. His in-depth analysis of European as well as the global PCB industry inspired me. I will miss him terribly. I learned about his illness early in the year. At some point, there was a sign of recovery. I was hoping to visit him in November in conjunction with ELECTRONICA in Munich.

He and his wife lived in a small village called Silken, just outside of Schramberg, a cosy Black Forest town. It’s less than ten minutes drive from his house to the Schweizer plant.

I am sure he will be missed by many friends in the PCB industry.

H. Nakahara