Polar April news: CGen 2024 Release candidate / IPC Apex 2024 Polar booth 4406 – April 9 – 11th

Two April news items for you from Polar.

  1. CGen Impedance & Insertion loss coupon generator 24_04 release candidate is now available with enhancements
  for mixed layer processing and for insertion loss customers – an enhanced Delta-L 4.0 coupon.

  This is a release candidate and will coexist with CGen 24_01 and we recommend you use 24_01 for production coupons until the official release of 24_04 – but for early adopters it is available for you to experience.

  Details here:  www.polarinstruments.com/CGen/2404/CGen_24_04_Instructions_&_List_of_Changes.pdf

  2. IPC APEC Expo 2024 Polar Booth 2024.

  Lupita and Erik from Polar Inc will be delighted to meet if you are attending IPC Apex next week (April 9-11th).
  Polar Booth is on the front row #4406 directly in front of the registration entrance.


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  No YouTube access at work? Watch here:  www.polarinstruments.com/mp4/videos.html