Polar April news – Differential vias / Rick Hartley in Munich / Insertion loss from Touchstone files

Three key items of Polar News for April.

  1. Differential Via modeling is now available in Si8000m and Si9000e using Bert Simonovich’s
  innovative and practical models: https://www.polarinstruments.com/support/si/AP8204.pdf

  2. Rick Hartley presents his renowned signal integrity classes in Munich this May – hosted by Azitech
  and Polar Instruments GmbH.  https://www.polarinstruments.com/2022/Noise_EMI_Si.pdf
  Booking: https://azitech.dk/events/noise-emi-and-signal-integrity/
  3. De embed PCB insertion loss measurements with Delta-L 4.0 direct from Touchstone file pairs with
  Atlas Si for Touchstone.  https://www.polarinstruments.com/products/Atlas/Atlas_Touchstone.html
  Please contact polarcare@polarinstruments.com  for further information. 
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