Polar April news: Impedance coupons optimised in CGen 23_04 / Generating CITS tests from ERP systems / Polar videos

Three Polar news items focussing on optimising impedance  test this month:

1. CGen Impedance Coupon Generator 23_04 onwards now supports coupons optimised by sorting and separating differential and single ended tests – minimising probe changes and handling. This is also reflected in the CITS impedance test file output by CGen.  (Other enhancements listed at the end of this mail).
2. Many of our high volume impedance test customers ask if it is possible to script CITS test programs out of an ERP system.  This appnote and sample Excel based XML CITS test generator points you in the right direction:
3. Polar video application notes are a popular way to learn about signal integrity and how to apply Polar tools. As not everyone has access to YouTube at work – a full list, plus the most popular and the most recent Polar videos are featured for direct streaming from the Polar website.

See CGen for yourself: For a  no charge 4 week fully functional CGen license please email Polarcare@polarinstruments.com confirming your
industry sector and application.

CGen Version 23.04.04
Enhancements / Changes
  • Added inline structure placements for style 2 and 3 (SE structs along the bottom, Diff Structs along the top o For easier CITS testing
  • CITS export now has option to order structures by structure-type to work with the above
  • Inner layer text out of beta with bugs fixed
  • Style 1 Now shows structure ID in text
  • Minimum Trace Length For Style 1 set to 60mm (2.362205 Inch)
  • Tol% included in impedance text (via the global tab in properties) New default values to accommodate longer impedance text (style 1)
  • Style 1 will now auto-adjust its length according to the structure length.

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