Polar April news – Si9000e version 20_03 release – and more….

1. We are delighted to release Si9000e version
20_03 which includes enhanced capacity for
extended substrate data tables – up to 1000,
plus the ability to import and export tables
to excel.

Here is a pdf which explains in detail:

2. A YouTube video also adds an explanation
of the 3 ways Er and Tan D can be managed
in the Si9000e:

Or if you do not have YouTube access:

3. Reminder: If you have the need to work from home and
you use Polar Speedstack / Si8000e or Si9000e
or any of our other suite of signal integrity
tools – I am pleased to announce that if you
have an active Polarcare contract Polar is happy
to provide you with a 4 week node locked license
so you can install your Polar tools on a laptop
for home working.

4. More details on Polar customer support during
the coronavirus situation may be found here:

Please contact Polarcare@polarinstruments.com
for Si9000e evaluation / home license / or upgrade

Kind regards
Martyn Gaudion

P.S. Last but not least a small detail but
welcome improvement for the Si9000e in
version 20_03 is the ability to cut and
paste picked data points from the result graphs
into other applications.