Polar April news update: Speedstack 24_04 released / CGen 2024 Release candidate

Two April news updates for you from Polar.

  1.   Speedstack 24_04 with support for documenting L per unit C per unit and all the “more” calcs traditionally only in Si8000m and Si9000e is
  now shipping. These additional parameters are also user selectable in the Speedstack report. 24_04 also contains gradient method for
  roughness modeling and other fixes fully documented in this presentation: www.polarinstruments.com/2024/Speedstack_2024_Updates_April_2024.pdf

  2. CGen Impedance & Insertion loss coupon generator 24_04 release candidate is now available with enhancements for mixed layer processing and for insertion loss customers – an enhanced Delta-L 4.0 coupon. You can run this alongside 24_01 for testing.

  If you have CGen 24_01 – download the release candidate and supporting info directly from this link:

  Please contact polarcare@polarinstruments.com to update or evaluate Speedstack 24_04

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