Polar February news: Preview of enhanced Speedstack library filter / Si Excel now supports office 64 bit

Two news items for you from Polar.

1. Ever increasing varieties of PCB base materials have led to customer requests for improved library filtering in Speedstack.  Here is a video preview of the planned update:  www.polarinstruments.com/mp4/Speedstack_Library_Filter_2023.mp4

2. Si Excel 64 is a versatile Excel interface option for Polar Si8000m and Si9000e field solvers. The 2023 edition is now compatible with both 32 and 64-bit Excel installations. www.polarinstruments.com/2023/Si_Excel_2023.pdf

Email polarcare@polarinstruments.com to request an evaluation (once installed this updated sample spreadsheet shows just one
  example of the capabilities of Si Excel): www.polarinstruments.com/products/si/ECSM_sensitivity.zip

If you are short of time to experiment – here is a printout of the sensitivity sheet:

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