Polar January news – First Speedstack release for 2022

Welcome to Polar news for January 2022.

I am delighted to announce the first release of Speedstack for this year which incorporates the much requested
“Snap-to” dimensioning for impedance trace dimensions. This much loved feature in Si8000m and Si9000e is now also implemented in both Speedstack PCB and Speedstack Si.
Full details here:


Also a small change to make life easier when installing – Speedstack now auto uninstalls the previous version. It’s only minor but it saves a few moments on each update.

Last but not least – testing impedance on fine lines will be further simplified with the upcoming release of the 2022 CITS880s
impedance test software. Expect an announcement in the next two or three weeks.

As always do please contact: polarcare@polarinstruments.com or your local Polar office for information on any of the above, and your suggestions for product enhancements or application notes are always welcome.

Polar added loss sensitivity graphing in the Si9000e last year here is the link again in case you missed it: