Polar January news – Security updates / Upcoming Shield documentation / Loss Webinar video

Welcome to the first Polar news of 2021
and best wishes from all at Polar for the
new year.

1. The 21_01 releases of Speedstack, Si8000m and
Si9000e are now shipping. There are minor functional
changes however all these releases deploy FLEXlm 11.17.2
which is a security update advised by Revenera to
overcome identified vulnerabilities in 11.16.1 and below.

You will need an active Polarcare contract and a
version 21 license to install. All files and setups
are compatible with version 20 editions.

If security is critical for you you should update
as soon as possible, the timing is down to your
company’s security requirements.

2. In February a new release of Speedstack (21_02)
will add in Shield materials as a new material
type. If you wish to document shield materials
within Speedstack Flex this will add significant
documentation capability both in the editor and
printed output.

3. Last but not least I have uploaded a recent
webinar introducing insertion loss background,
modeling and measurement concepts on YouTube
and the Polar web:

View from YouTube:

Stream from polarinstruments.com