Polar June news: Calculating coated & uncoated traces on the same stack / Delta-L 4.0 support (beta) added to CGen Si coupon generator.

Eight News items from Polar for June 2023  (Update presentation links at end of this news mail) 
  1. Here is a new application note showing an alternate method for calculating coated and uncoated surface structures
  in Speedstack PCB or Speedstack Si.

  An alternate method if you have HDI or Flex licensing is here:

  2. Speedstack support for Ormet(R) vias

  3. Speedstack Embedded backdrill support
  4. Gradient Roughness (Beta) in Si9000e

  5. Si9000e project option graphing supports multi line lengths

  6. FLEXlm 11.19.00 supported in 23_06 editions.

  7. Minor update on CITS DRG allows user to set reported number of decimal places.
  8. CGen Si version 23_06 now supports a beta output of Delta-L 4.0 insertion loss test coupons. This follows version 23_04 which added coupon optimisation for CITS impedance testing, along with an enhanced CITS export option.
  See CGen for yourself – (it works best in conjunction with Speedstack – but you can also import impedance structures from Si8000e and Si9000e one at a time). Ask Polarcare@polarinstruments.com for a temporary license.

  Full Speedstack and Si9000e update presentations here:


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