Polar March news – Roughness / Understanding H2 / Atlas Delta-L touchstone import

  I am delighted to announce the March 2022 release of Si9000e (available now) contains the much requested ability
  to save a table of your preferred copper roughness dimensions.

  New – and sometimes existing – customers ask: Should I add the trace thickness to H2 in the Si8000m / Si9000e?
  This application note gives you the answer:  https://www.polarinstruments.com/support/si/AP8160.html

  Please contact polarcare@polarinstruments.com or your local Polar office for further information.
  P.S. For designers wishing to compute Delta-L 4.0 insertion loss measurements direct from Touchstone(TM) files – this
  facility is available as a pre release installer. Please contact neil.chamberlain@polarinstruments.com for information.