Polar May news – Speedstack 22_05 with AGC materials and…

  1. I am pleased to announce the release of Speedstack 22_05 which now includes materials from AGC.   The release also includes an often requested ability to add a “Confidential” stamp on the technical report.  Last but not least the accuracy of substrate height calculations for certain types of microstrip is enhanced. 

  2. Events are back: Polar is presenting at the EIPC Summer conference in Orebro Sweden:  https://eipc.org/events_eipc/

  As always if you have suggestions for application notes or presentations please do let me know. 
  Please contact polarcare@polarinstruments.com for upgrade / update or evaluation information.
  As a final note we are working on adding Farad-Flex from Oak Mitsui to our libraries, an announcement will follow when they are

  P.S. De embed PCB insertion loss measurements with Delta-L 4.0 direct from Touchstone file pairs with Atlas Si for Touchstone.