Polar news 28 November: Security update for Speedstack / Create coupons video / Library updates

 Latest news items for you from Polar:
  1. Many customers have requested that Speedstack and other dotnet based Polar products** are migrated from legacy dotnet platforms. This project is complete and release candidates running on dotnet framework 4.8 are now available for testing and evaluation:

  2. Check out this video on impedance coupon creation with Si8000m and CGen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpMNB9Ai8ko
  No youtube at work?

  3. IConnect007’s Pete Starkey interviews Neil on the subject of material libraries at productronica: https://realtimewith.com/page/show/122/5211
  4. Speedstack library updates from EMC and Isola: EMC EM-528 prepregs and cores added Isola 370HR /FR408HR cores / prepregs updated

  Please contact polarcare@polarinstruments.com for more information
  P.S. The Speedstack update is a security update, functionally identical to version 23_09.  Under the surface Microsoft dotnet 4.8 underpins the security enhancements.

  ** Release candidates for Si8000m Si9000e and CGen 2024 are also available on request – parts or all of these tools have now migrated to dotnet framework 4.8