Polar November news: Constant pitch goal seeking note / 64 bit support for Si Excel interface.

Two news items for you from Polar…

  1. Recently I have had many questions from new Si8000 and Si9000e customers asking why there are two goal seeking settings for differential pairs – this application note gives a simple explanation:


  2. Many Si8000 Excel interface customers are asking for 64 bit office support.  It is now available** and you can contact polarcare@polarinstruments for upgrade information

 www.youtube.com/@PolarInc – Subscribe now for technical videos.


  P.S. A minor update for Speedstack with bugfixes for Structure view will ship after the Thanksgiving break.


** Both legacy 32 bit Excel interface along with the latest release with 32 and 64 bit support are shipping. Existing customers with active Polarcare can update at no cost, and may retain both licenses for a transition period whilst migrating legacy worksheets across.

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