Polar October news: Si9000e adds loss @ specific frequencies / Two more chances to meet Polar

 Two Polar news items for you this October:

  1. Many customers have asked for loss at specific frequencies to be added in the Si9000e user interface, in order to
  facilitate specifying Delta-L or SPP or other loss method testing. The latest Si9000e does just that – and for details
along with all the other recent enhancements please follow this link to this presentation.

  2. More upcoming chances to meet Polar:

  A). Azitech / Polar Si Seminar Copenhagen Denmark
Presenter: Zachariah Peterson Oct 24th /25th.
More information (places limited):

  B). Productronica 2023
Hall A1.555 Polar Instruments GmbH
Hall B3.156 Polar Instruments (Europe) Ltd

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