Press Release HDP Automotive Seminar Frankfurt postponed

As you are aware, the recent Global Corona Virus outbreak has caused many restrictions on
travel. It has caused companies to place restrictions on employee’s participation in conferences
and external events. We have been in close consultation with our European meeting sponsors
to assess the situation. Some countries in Europe have been hit especially hard with the virus.
Cases in Germany have been increasing significantly. The safety of our members is paramount,
and the logistics requirements have made it difficult to hold a safe, successful meeting. As a
result, HDP must cancel its 2020 European meeting and its HDP/ EIPC Automotive workshop
that was planned for early May.
HDP will move forward with an Automotive Webinar, date to be announced. The webinar will
address key issues facing automotive electronics, unique reliability issues, and materials
challenges. The webinar will also provide a safe non-travel alternative for our members.
HDP will post the May project updates that would have been presented at our member
meeting on our Web site. The updates will provide our members with a view of the progress
made on our projects.
HDP will hold its fall meeting on October 7-8 to be hosted by IBM in Rochester, Minnesota.
Please see the HDP website for more details.