Schlötter, specialities chemical company for electroplating solutions, announces the EIPC membership

For more than 100 years, Schlötter has been involved in the development of specialized chemistry,
plant and equipment and provided a service to industry sectors involved in electroplating. Today
Schlötter is internationally viewed as a leader in electroplating technology with the capability of
providing a wide range of chemistry and associated plant and equipment from one source with the
requisite level of technical support. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions and high performance
chemistry which delivers the required standard of coatings to a range of industry sectors. We work
closely with our customers in order to fully understand their requirements and this results in a high
level of customer satisfaction with the processes that are developed for specific applications.

In the PCB Division, Schlötter is offering different solutions, being Copper and Tin electroplating the
core of our business and where we have achieved the highest reputation in the market. Schlötter
was pioneer in the use of Reverse Pulse Plating for conformal plating of PCBs. We also launched the
first process capable of filling blind vias and conformal plate of through holes simultaneously and our
plating processes are considered as reliable and robust by our main customers in Asia, Germany and
United Kingdom.

Schlötter do not ends with electroplating processes. We also compliment the product portfolio of
processes dedicated to the PCB manufacturing industry with other processes like direct metallization,
ENIG or our revolutionary IT Concept, composed by direct metallization based on Graphene followed
by Via Filling in flash mode, with reduced copper thickness enabling low L/S resolution down to 20/20
µm without moving to SLP/mSAP technologies.

In 2021, as part of the new strategy, Schlötter decided to reinforce the presence in the European
Market, increasing the amount, proximity and expertise of our local representatives, in order to give
a closer support to all the PCB producers in Europe. As part of this strategy, we were also present,
after more than 20 years, in Productronica, where we had plenty of interesting discussions with
multitude of visitors. And as a final step, we are really proud to announce our membership into the
EIPC where we expect building up strong relations and offer all support as possible to our customers
and partners.

For more information, you can contact with our sales representatives, that you can find in our web
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