WECC Report 2018, Published Oct 2019

WECC Global PCB Production Report
Edition 2018 Published October 2019

World Electronics Circuits Council
The WECC Global PCB Production Reports are available only from the participating associations to their members.

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Development Team The World Electronic Circuits Council (WECC) is a strategic partnership formed in 1998 by the major industry associations serving member companies in the global electronic circuits industry.

Its purpose is to increase the global influence and effectiveness of its member organizations for the benefit and improvement of the industry.
The member associations cooperate on standards, market research, marketing, resource development, environmental issues, world trade, and economic and political affairs.
The member organizations of WECC formed a working group in 2005 to pool their statistical resources and produce a global statistical report on printed circuit board (PCB) production for the benefit of their members. This group became the WECC Statistics and Market Committee.

The following individuals contributed to this report and represent their respective associations on the WECC Statistics and Market Committee:
• CPCA – Kevin Yan, Vice President, China Printed Circuit Association, kevin_yyh@cpca.org.cn
• EIPC – Kirsten Smit-Westenberg, Executive Director, European Institute of Printed Circuits, KWestenberg@eipc.org
• HKPCA – Alfred Chong, Executive Director, Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association, alfredchong@hkpca.org
• HKPCA – Manda Wong, Administration Officer, Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association, mandawong@hkpca.org
• IPC – Sharon Starr, Director of Market Research, IPC, sharonstarr@ipc.org, (committee chair)
• IPCA – Viral Bhulani, President, Indian Printed Circuit Association, viralbhulani@gmail.com
• IPCA – K.S. Babu, Secretary, Indian Printed Circuit Association, babu@ipcaindia.org
• JPCA – Noriaki Wakakuri, Manager, Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association, wakakuri@jpca.org
• JPCA – Kyoko Aota, Staff, Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association, aota@jpca.org
• KPCA – Kyoung-Hee Lee, Deputy Secretary General, Korea Printed Circuit Association, khlee@kpca.or.kr
• TPCA – Michelle Hung, Deputy Secretary General, Taiwan Printed Circuit Association, michelle@tpca.org.tw

Please contact the representative at your association with any questions about the report or suggestions for improving this program.