Sustainability Meets Hi-Tech: STARTEAM GLOBAL’s PCB Factory in Thailand Officially Opens Doors

Right in Prachinburi, Thailand’s booming industrial hub, STARTEAM GLOBAL, a leading manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), technology and service solutions, has officially opened doors to its highly-anticipated PCB manufacturing factory to partners, clients, and industry leaders — and the timing could not be better.

According to a recent report from Counterpoint Technology Market Research on Electric Vehicle (EV) sales across Southeast Asia have shot up by massive 894% in the second quarter. Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia are leading this charge.

Even though these markets are new, they are growing fast. In fact, EVs made up over 6% of all passenger vehicles sold in the quarter. Major Asian car manufacturers are also seeing a boost thanks to this surge in demand.

Building on its established reputation, STARTEAM GLOBAL sees the rise in electric vehicle adoption as a striking opportunity to expand. Its Prachinburi factory is ideally positioned to supply high-quality PCBs that are pivotal for the functioning of electric vehicles, thus further increasing its involvement in this rapidly-growing market. With this strategic expansion, STARTEAM GLOBAL is ready to seize the growing opportunities and contribute to the ASEAN region’s technological and ecological transformation.

From Vision to Reality: The Grand Launch Is Finally Here

The grand opening was nothing short of spectacular, with a diverse and enthusiastic crowd of clients, suppliers, industry professionals, and the talented team of STARTEAM GLOBAL. The factory combines advanced technology, efficient operations, and eco-friendly practices. This balance sets an excellent standard in PCB manufacturing.

During a detailed tour of the factory, key stakeholders saw the automated processes, next-generation manufacturing solutions, and focus on sustainability. The facility left a strong impression and created excitement for the company’s future and the broader electronics manufacturing sector. STARTEAM GLOBAL has consistently demonstrated a passion for expanding and this new facility is marked as a significant milestone.

Excelling on Two Fronts: Dual ISO Certifications

A major achievement for is not one, but earning two, international standard certifications: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. These certifications highlight the company’s dedication to quality management and environmental responsibility.

The ISO 9001 certification is the internationally recognised Quality Management Systems (QMS) standard. With this certification, the company has demonstrated its adherence to the principles of customer focus, strong leadership, engagement of people, effective process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision making, and relationship management. This means that clients can be confident in the quality and consistency of the PCB products and services provided by the new factory.

On the other hand, the ISO 14001 certification recognises an organisation’s commitment to responsible environmental management. This certification emphasises minimising negative environmental impacts, complying with applicable laws and regulations, and continually improving in these areas. The factory’s eco-friendly processes and waste reduction efforts clarify that the company has taken a holistic approach to its business operations — keeping future generations’ well-being and environmental footprint in mind.

Setting the Pace: Future Opportunities and Potential Influence

STARTEAM GLOBAL paves the way for a modern approach to PCB manufacturing. As the company continues to progress, industry stakeholders are excited about the advancements and innovations that the facility will produce in the coming years.

By using advanced technology solutions and green manufacturing processes, STARTEAM GLOBAL sets a strong foundation for a sustainable future in the electronics manufacturing industry. Clients, partners, and industry experts look forward to the potential influence that the factory will have on the market.



STARTEAM GLOBAL is a trusted manufacturing solutions provider specialising in printed circuit boards with over 35 years of experience in the industry. We Exceed Manufacturing by delighting our customers with sustainability in everything we do. With our factories in China and Thailand, we manufacture PCBs to the highest quality and reliability standards, including automotive, medical and railway safety requirements, supported by our engineering and quality experts. STARTEAM GLOBAL strives to deliver the most competitive premium products and supply solutions to satisfy all our customers’ PCB requirements. Visit us on www.starteam.global for further information.