Taiyo Circuit Automation Installation of a New DP3500 into Fuba Printed Circuits, Tunisia

Taiyo Circuit Automation are proud to be partnered with Fuba Printed Circuits, Tunisia part of the OneTech Group of companies, a leading printed circuit board manufacturer based out of Bizerte, Tunisia. on their first installation of Taiyo Circuit Automation DP3500 coater.

The DP3500 coater is a semi-automatic double-sided screen printer. The DP3500 comes with the new Smart Print System which delivers superb quality with panel thickness tolerance of 0.1 – 4 mm combined with a toolless magnetic gripper system that tensions the panel as it prints. Additionally, the new HMI Touch Screen, Differential Print Pressure Control System and Servo Controlled Peel Off features and Shur-Loc screen system now come as standard.  

Fuba’s DP3500 is combined with Taiyo’s new PSR-4000 solder mask system, the global leading solder mask product, combined will complete the newly designed “Taiyo Zone” print room at Fuba.

“Fuba has been a long-standing partner of Taiyo Circuit Automation, having had a DP1500 for many years. This new DP3500 coater will support Fuba’s continued growth into new technology sectors as they transition away from curtain coating. The DP3500, with its new multi programmable settings for panel type, size, and thickness, combined with extraordinary print quality with Taiyo’s PSR-4000 solder mask is a winning combination as demonstrated by thousands of customers worldwide. Taiyo’s PSR-4000 solder mask brand is the highest volume selling solder mask in the world. This is the perfect turnkey solution for Fuba and many other PCB manufacturers”, said Stuart Down, Global Sales Manager for Taiyo Circuit Automation.

Takuji Maekawa, CEO of Taiyo Circuit Automation, Inc. added, “The collaboration with Fuba aligns perfectly with our vision of Taiyo Circuit Automation, Inc. Their reputation as a leader in PCB industry complements our commitment to providing excellence in print quality through the industry leading superb coating and automation technologies of Taiyo Circuit Automation, Inc., and we look forward to a fruitful partnership.” “The entire installation process went well with very little down time. Taiyo Circuit Automation’s and Taiyo America process engineers were on site with support from Fuba’s team provided outstanding support during the transition,” said Mohamed Hamouda Production& Maintenance

“The solder mask tolerances across the panel have greatly improved due to the smart print system, and we are now looking ahead to working with Taiyo on their new PSR-4000 HH01XR DI melamine free system and leading automotive solder mask solution PSR-4000 AM81 said Hedi Abbes Deputy General Manager.

Taiyo Circuit Automation, Inc. was established as a subsidiary of Taiyo America, Inc in 2020, in Carson City, NV. Taiyo Circuit Automation design and manufacture the world’s finest dual-sided solder mask coating, vertical drying equipment and more recently robotics to aid in automating the coating process. Taiyo Circuit Automation have served the Global printed circuit industry with highly reliable innovative machinery, engineered to exceed expectations.

Established in 1991, Fuba Printed Circuits is one of the leading providers of printed circuit board services from product concept to maturity. Fuba is focusing on high quality multilayer PCB mass manufacturing for the European automotive industry, as well as the U.S.A. Making use of a best cost alternative based in Tunisia, FUBAs strategic plan is focusing on expanding into high-tech, high-reliability PCB manufacturing in larger serial production. Standard multi-layer and High- Density Interconnection (HDI) solutions for a wide range of industries including industrial,
medical, telecommunications, and automotive.