Teltonika & Adeon

It is with enormous pride that Adeon Technologies can announce it has received multiple purchase orders from Teltonika from Vilnius, Lithuania for supplying numerous types of equipment to their new Printed Circuit Board manufacturing Plant.

The initial conversations started early in the year 2022 and revolved around offering solutions and providing comprehensive plans for installation training and long term support. The Teltonika crew at the forefront consisting of Mr. Rico Schlüter, Mr. Tomas Auruškevičius & Mr. Arturas Kliobavicius took up the challenge to design and create the first new volume PCB factory to be build in Europe since more than 20 years. The factory will see an extreme high level of automation being introduced. This team has admirably worked their way from concept to plan to execution of this challenging task.

It is therefore that Adeon Technologies is truly proud of having been involved from an early stage and extremely honoured to have been selected as one of the leading supply partners in the project. Following the purchase orders for installation in due course of 2024, Adeon has already assigned a project team to assure a smooth delivery and  implementation of the equipment in close harmony with Teltonika’s crew.

In alphabetic order, the following equipment will be supplied by Adeon technologies BV:

ATG-LM: multiple A9-A Flying Probe Electrical Test Equipment with Dual Shuttle, automatic loading & unloading;

LM-400: Universal Grid Electrical Test Equipment with integrated loading & unloading;

CIMS: multiple Galaxy AOI & Verification systems for Inner & Outer Layer Inspection, including full automation
supplied by the company Benmayor from Spain;

LHS: Jetrite Inkjet Printing System for Legend. Multiple colours possible and

proven track record with highest lifetime of Printheads;

Mach3Lab: X-Check X-Ray Layer Registration Inspection System;

Mass: The all new APC (Automated Plugging Cell). The line consists of 2x VCP Vacuum

Via Filling Units and 1x Scavenger. The line will be managed by a 6 Axis Robot system and offers capability to connect to a Mass vertical Oven also;

Pola & Massa: Multiple Brushing & Deburring Systems for accurate Surface Treatment, Deburring, Cleaning and
miscellaneous (Inner/Outer) Layer preparation, Press Plate cleaning;

SÜSS MicroTec: Multiple JETx Inkjet Soldermask systems with Benmayor integrated automation for panel flipping;

Ucamco: – Multiple Seats of UcamX Pro+ CAM Software for Datapreparation

– Integr8tor Pre-sales CAM Software for automatic data analysis and classification linking to Quoting Software, CAM and electronic customer communication;

Valentino Facci: Octopus automated pinning and taping of drillstacks & multiple single pinning, depinning and taping units;

XACT-PCB: Gemini Linear Software tools to control registration of layers, determine any material shift and/or material expansion prior to the manufacturing process with predicting the correct scaling values for all PCB construction types.

Teltonika’s new PCB factory marks a true milestone for making steps to secure crucial PCB manufacturing in Europe.