UcamX and Integr8tor v2023.12 are now available

Ucamco is proud to release UcamX v2023.12 and Integr8tor v2023.12. These new versions of our CAM and Pre-CAM software include plenty of additions to increase our customers’productivity, highlighted by the topics below.

UcamX v2023.12
* Coupon Assistant
* Drill Tool Manager
* Rout Manager
* Job Editor Extension
* Schmoll MDI Output
* YELO Mask Adjuster
* Editing Toolbox
* Recently opened Jobs

Full UcamX release overview

Integr8tor v2023.12
* Solder mask and Legend colors
* Surface finishes
* Via in Pad recognition and reporting
* Copper thickness
* Assembly information
* Various speed-ups

Full Integr8tor release overview

UcamX and Integr8tor v2023.12 are now available for download for all maintenance contract
users. Customers who wish to upgrade to this version outside of a maintenance contract or
wish to take out a maintenance contract, are welcome to contact their local sales channel or
send an email with their request for quotation to sales@ucamco.com.