UL-Authorization Received for Ventec High-CTI, Halogen Free FR15.1 Substrates VT-447C and VT-441C

Ventec International Group Co., Ltd. (6672 TT), is pleased to announce that UL’s evaluation of two of Ventec’s halogen-free, phenolic cured high-CTI substrates have received authorization to apply the UL mark. Both VT-441C and VT-447C FR15.1 materials have thus been recognized for achieving 150oC Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT) for electric and mechanical RTI (Relative Temperature Index).

UL’s investigation of Ventec’s mid-Tg VT-441C and high-tg VT-447C halogen-free substrates has been completed and full compliance with the applicable requirements including 150oC MOT (Maximum Operating Temperature) for electric and mechanical RTI (Relative Temperature Index) has been determined.

Offering exceptional UL RTI performance, both high-CTI substrate materials ensure reliability in the presence of high applied voltages in harsh and humid environments. With high voltage CAF resistance, Grade 0 (>600V) Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) and glass transition temperatures (Tg) of 155oC and 175oC, the versatile halogen-free materials are the perfect high-reliability PCB choice for use in extreme high-temperature/humidity applications. These include DC/DC power modules, IGBT applications, motor controllers, high lumen output LED devices, battery charging, OBC chargers for EV vehicles and several other automotive “underhood” applications.

The prepregs are available in roll or cut-to-size panel format, with laminates supplied in sheets or cut-to-size panels with core thicknesses of 0.004” (0.10mm) to 0.200” (5mm). They are also offered in a wide range of copper foil thicknesses including heavy coppers. This versatility is ideal for both single layer and multiple layer PCB designs.

Mark Goodwin, COO EMEA & Americas, commented: “Achieving UL authorization for our industry-leading 150oC MOT performance is fantastic news. As a complement to our full halogen-free and thermal management solution series, our customers have access to epoxy materials that meet virtually any high reliability performance requirements for the world’s most demanding applications.”

Further information about Ventec’s solutions and the company’s wide variety of products is available at www.venteclaminates.com.

UL-Authorization received for Ventec high-CTI, halogen free FR15.1 substrates VT-447C and VT-441C.